Monday, January 23, 2012


“Be careful what you wish for” goes an old saying, “You might just get it.”  In a neat reversal, there are many examples of appalling occurrences and outright disasters which have created the need for change - change which can lift our lives to a whole new level which would otherwise never have been reached.  An elderly friend recently had a nasty fall and broke her hip. Her life has been on the up and up ever since.  At a time when he was presumably looking forward to a quiet retirement, Leonard Cohen’s manager embezzled most of his money.  As a result, Cohen has been forced to record new music, go on gruelling tours around the world (tours which might have finished off an artist half is age), and as a result has been loved, feted and admired by long-time fans and new converts alike.  Presumably he wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  All he had to do to reach this new level of success was be ripped off by someone he trusted!   At the age of 77, Mr Cohen is just about to release his new album, Old Ideas.